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Stormbirds Rising - by Robert Taylor

Stormbirds Rising
by Robert Taylor

Leutnant Hermann Buchner and the pilots of III./JG7 climb to intercept a large incoming formation of American heavy bombers, during the final weeks of WWII.

Two pilot signatures.
- 24" x 32" - $295

(available with additional signatures)

Snow Tiger - Red Dragon
by Jim Laurier

Snow Tiger - Red Dragon

P-40 E Warhawks of the 343rd Fighter Group dive into a formation of Japanese Mitsubishi GM3 “Nell” bombers and Mitsubishi “Zero” fighters headed for a bombing raid on Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Giclée on paper - Image size: 15" x 24" - $195
Giclée on canvas - Image size: 20" x 30" - $495
London Pride

London Pride
by Nicolas Trudgian

'Stapme' Stapleton during a dog-fight over Tower bridge during the Battle of Britain.

Signed by Basil Stapleton.
- $135

(also available on canvas)

At the Day's End
At the Day's End
by Robert Taylor

A group of battle-weary Spitfire pilots from 92 Squadron after a long day’s fighting. Exhausted, they wait whilst ground crews
hastily re-fuel and re-arm their aircraft at Biggin Hill ready for the next combat.

Signed by two RAF veterans of the Battle of Britain. - $135
(available with additional signatures and aircraft fragment)

Ace of Aces
by Robert Taylor

Ace of Aces - by Robert Taylor

Erich Hartmann flying his famous 'Black Tulip' just moments
before diving into attack on a Russian Sturmovik below.

Giclée on canvas - Image size: 24" x 36" - $695
(available in larger format)
Eagle's Wings

Eagle's Wings
by Richard Taylor

Bf109s during the Battle of Britain.

Signed by four Bf109 pilots.
- $95

Top Bounce
by Robert Taylor

Top Bounce

Don Kingaby dives his Mk IX Spitfire into attack Fw190s
Over Boulogne, July 1942. The first engagement between these two aircraft types.

Two signatures - 23" x 29" - $295
(Available with six signatures)
Pacific Glory

Pacific Glory
by Anthony Saunders

Lt. Commander 'Butch' O'Hare, the Navy's first Ace and first naval recipient of the Medal of Honor, engages Japanese Zeros over Wake Island on 5th Oct. 1943.

Signed by a Hellcat pilot.
- $155